Story About a Girl

February 16, 2008
This is a story about a girl,
who's soul is dieing inside.
Her problems brake her apart,
until darkness is all that lies.

When the emptyness is to much
and she can't hold it in.
She grabs the sharp razor,
and puts it to her skin.

she makes the first cut,
and releases everything with in.
The pain is an addiction.
Like a pleasurable sin.

It takes away the sadness
and the darkness that hides.
It makes her feel real,
as if she's not dieing inside.

As the pain fades away
and the blood begins to dry.
The emptyness of her soul
makes her want to cry.

she sits on her floor,
waiting the tears to shed,
but when nothing comes,
it still feels like her soul is dead.

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totally_ruthless said...
Sept. 15, 2008 at 10:31 pm
you have alot of grammatical and spelling errors. but fix those and this will be AMAZING
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