Mother Nature

February 15, 2008
By Dorothy Van, Milpitas, CA

Once upon a time,
Galaxy’s away,
Earth was mine,
And nature was at play,

People say,
That winners are kind,
I beg to differ for I know mankind,
These days you barely see a blue jay,

And trees that once ruled the earth,
Are harder to understand,
Than the word hearth,
How can they have the war planned,

When ice is melting,
And the world is no longer our land,
Nature is crying,
Can you hear it dying?
I’m waiting for you to lend a hand.

Here is a tall tale,
It’s not like others,
You can’t find it in the mail,
&no don’t ask your brothers,

I love to rhyme,
&Yes I have time,
I ‘m scared of mimes,
But sorry to get of track…
I guess I lose a lot of time.
I know of a cat named Fatback.

There once was more than just T.V,
Where you could admire the view,
Without looking at a screen,
But all of nature we can now see,
Are animals caged in a Zoo,
Oh what a view!

Trees could talk,
And flowers could walk,
There were rocks not silly white chalk,
But now corn is no longer grown on a stalk,
Instead it’s mass-produced, cloned
And sold like feathers from a hawk.

But we have hope,
It’s very near,
Something we can’t really hear,
Is it a cheer?
Is it quite queer?

Who knows?
I know,
You know,
We know,
That I don’t know what you don’t know,
That I know you know.

Not very clear,
But so isn’t the ocean,
But who’s complaining my dear,
I guess it’s just polluted by beer.

It’s inside all of us,
Its called eyes,
Oh wait know that’s just a lullaby,’
Could it be you,
Him, Her, or me?

Oh can’t you see?!
The earth is warming,
This is why I’m hot,
Don’t try to lie,
‘Cus we all know we truly are not,
Not what you ask?
It’s just a task…

Can you see,
What I see,
She sees,
He sees?

Or shall we lie,
While the clock maximizes our cries?
Shall we let Mother Nature Die?
Or should we sit and watch if another person,
On reality television gets pied?

Do not let this tall tale fool you,
There is no definite moral,
I love the orange color coral,
This is about more than characters,
More then all you see on the computer,
2 Girls 1 Cup and Poo.

I seriously don’t know about you,
But I wouldn’t get it twisted boo,
Tired of the population,
Not seeing the whole situation.

Mrs. says not to be sad,
Oh honey, buying Glad will just make nature mad,
Plastic is worse more than just a tad,
And there are a lot of people named Chad.

I hope you have read,
All the way cus that’s worse,
Than learning to cut calories but not eating bread,
Some people don’t even have a bed!

I cannot describe,
How I feel,
Do my emotions &Thoughts resemble a Banana peel?

I am no scribe,
I do not belong to a tribe,
&I seriously dislike the smell of low tide,
But who is there really to confide…

What`s done is done,
But the fact is we must.

Save Mother Nature,
We are her children,
The Earth is speaking,
Can you hear it?
Don’t wait too late,
Open your ears…
Face your fears…
&take a stand with a plan.

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