A Friend

August 23, 2011
By FirstPoet BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
FirstPoet BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
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You are my mirror on the wall.

The helping hand for when I fall

You are the guide when I lose my way.

The ear for every word I say.

Yours is the shoulder I cry upon.

The solid rock I can depend on.

You are my eyes when I am blind.

You're on the road I always find.

You're my right hand when I fight.

The flashlight in my darkest night.

You're the wind in my first kite.

The shield that protects my life.

You're my inspiration throughout every day.

You always know what to say

Yours is the love that warms me

The pill that always calms me

You are the eye I catch in a crowd

The one picture-pointing in the clouds

You're the ring to my telephone

The complement of a dog to his bone

You're the peanut butter to my jelly

The very button to my belly

You're the ink to my paper

The heat to my vapor

You're the air beneath my wings

The ear that allows me to sing

You’re the piece to my puzzle

The one with whom I snuggle

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