March 7, 2008
You ask me to forgive you
But how can I forgive you after you hurt me
I loved you and cared for you
And you returned my kindness with rejection and cruelty

I tried to come with a realistic reason to why you did what you did
But every explanation I came up with only hurt me more
Why did you hurt me?
What did I do to you to deserve such treatment?
Did I hurt you or were you just using me for selfish desire
Well I don’t care now I’ve moved on and I’m fine now

That’s is I was until you came and ask for forgiveness and for me to take you back
Well no I cant I wont you put me through enough pain the first time
I don’t need it again so I’m sorry but I will not forgive you
You who hurt me, you who I loved, NO
You are not forgiven now if you would be so kind
Please leave I’m expecting someone

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