August 22, 2011
By Anonymous

This is for the girl with the starry eyes,
For the girl who found faith in fire and night.
For the girl who had locked herself far away,
For the girl who never shone quite that bright.

This is for the blood that she had on her hands,
The blood of the ones she never meant to break.
For the innocence she had lost in empty battles,
For the forgotten cure to her forgotten heartache.

But this is for the girl who kept going on,
For the girl who found faith in fire and night.
For the girl who discovered forgiveness in love,
For the girl who had always shone this bright

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for an acquaintance of mine, who was actually my best friend before I moved to America (I lived in Canada before). We had promised we'd move to California together after college, and although that's a silly notion for two small-town girls, I desperately wanted it to come true--so I studied crazily and tried everything I could to make sure my chances of going to Stanford University would be at the absolute maximum. But freshman year, right before Christmas, she called me, saying she didn't want to be friends anymore because she was always the one calling me. I haven't talked to her since, until a few days ago, when she asked me to write a poem for her for her next tattoo, which I guess shows how much she's changed.
I am never one to hold a grudge; I forgave her ages ago, but this piece is titled commission because I had always known she'd eventually come back and ask me for just one more favor.

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