Snow White's Icy Heart

August 22, 2011
By sass. BRONZE, Sechelt, Other
sass. BRONZE, Sechelt, Other
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actions speak louder than words

You're startin to feel lonely, the guilt is settin in, it's changing,
you're only so strong as you portray, and now it's fading-
into a red bubbling mess, boiling, rearranging
into something new, indestructible and its paying-
for the consequences, this guilt has no sympathy for dating-
whether it's hells best friend, and heaven's clever liar
it's all about the thoughts, the ones that take the time creating-
a poisonous kiss, Snow White's apple, her curious desire-

so sudden yet expected, this obvious satire-
of a mess, a disaster, it's not only killing a fair maiden
but all of the minds involved in this strange iced fire-
one that's about to be put out, and the red apple can trade in-
for the lingering premonition, you've been regretting
cause nothing can be far worse than simply neglecting.

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