The Rope

March 7, 2008
The girl came to school,
smellen rotten and old.
but she came to school,
because she was curagious and bold.

There were three girls,
that couldn't help but stare.
whatever the reason was,
they never seemed to care.

They would trip her in the halls,
an pull her hair till she falls.
push her in the walls,
snap the phone when she calls.

One day she came,
the girls took it too far.
they pulled up beside her,
and dragged her in the car.

One of the girls,
looked and knocked her out.
they pulled up to a lake,
by taking a private route.

They pulled her out the car,
and soaked her with soap.
then hooked a hook to her pants,
and pulled her on the rope.

Awakening again,
dangling over the lake.
started screaking for help,
hoping someone would wake.

Soap dripped in her eyes,
her pants began to tare.
and little did they know,
someone else was standing there.

The girls yelled out names,
as the victum hung and cryed.
they seen her begin to suffer,
but to help her, no one tryed.

They seen birds fly by,
and heard a gun be shot.
They looked and seen a sign,
which printed,"The Hunter Hot Spot."

The girls grapped the rope,
and tryed to pull her inside.
but the bullet already got her,
the innocent girl already died.

They pulled her to land,
and started to scream.
then heard guys come their way,
an lights began to beam.

the shooter was innocent,
the girl's court say was here.
They didn't have a clue,
that victum's mother was near.

A knock on the wood,
and dromt here court began.
The girls were on stand,
and all day the questions ran.

Then the judge,
said someone was there to speak.
a woman rolled in on a wheelchair.
appearing to be angry and weak.

she grabbed the microphone,
and took a sip of water.
they seen the tears appear,
she's the one who lost her daughter.

she cleared her throat and then,
looked into their eyes,
the mother began to speak,
they tryed to understand her crys.

"I couldn't afford her clothes,
the medicine for cancer, became too much.
but you couldn't even understand,
not even a given touch.

my baby is gone for good,
and there aint nothing you can do.
but learn your lessons girls,
she ended up better off than you."

the woman begant o roll away,
then stopped so they could see,
she had a rope as a knecklace,
that read,"God set my Ashley free."

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