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Town, Flow of Time, People

August 11, 2011
By Shiori BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Shiori BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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She always seemed too high to reach
On a plane above us mortals
I put her on a pedestal
Immortalized her
Complimented her
Became infatuated with her
An idealized version of what I wanted to be
My hopes, my dreams
I shaped her into what I wanted to be
I essentiantally fell in love with myself
Projected by my needs, my desires, my everything on this sculpture I so desparately tried to create
To the point where I called her Divinity
Despite my love for her I hated her
I hated myself for hating her
Switching back and forth between hollow joy and vicious self hatred
Evantually my love for her evolved into the latter
I wanted to kill that idealized version of me
For me and she were one in the same
She was all the things I had that I didn't realize I had
I looked into the mirror
Found her lurking in its recesses and smashed her to bits
My hopes, my dreams, my needs, my wants and my life...butchered
By my own hand
I killed myself
But I felt the weight that burdened me before vanish
And from the ashes of my former self rose a new being
Taking his first breaths, he bean to walk emancipated from his past life
And ready to start anew

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