Standing Beside the Ocean

March 7, 2008
By Nicole Otenbaker, Clarkston, MI

Standing beside the ocean,
I feel so small.
The salty breeze of the sea
twirls in my hair-
as if to let me know
I am alive.
The soft white sand
which upon I leave my path;
is scattered with shells
brought in from the tide.
My feet skim through
the shallow waves.

As I am older now,
and am back to the sea
I'm not as big as I thought I'd be.
The vast ocean sprawls out
in front of me,
as to which I can't see
the other side.
That same salty breeze of the sea
twirls through my hair.
Those millions of white grains
still cover the earth.
The same cool waves
hit my feet.
I have returned.

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