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August 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Who am I?
Who do I want to be?
Who is bubbling under my surface
waiting to come out?

The inspiring girlfriend
Inspiring person
Sparkling, overwhemingly free,

Edgy, flamboyant
Makeup, Fashion
Pushing the envelope
Ripped, Slashed, Cropped
Feathers, Lace, Ribbon, Metal
Exuding confidance
My own parade.

I do not talk behind your back
or anyone's
Effortlessly creative
I do not let you break me down
I do not think beauty is one specific thing
I do not think society is always right
I do not always listen.

I do believe in experience
I believe in feeling
Changing what you can, today!
I will cry for everyone
The world
Earth, our home
Our wild sisters and brothers
For families
My best friend
My worst enemy

And me, when I forget
Who I am
What being is right under the surface,
pushing hard to emerge
I'll remind myself
I am strong
What I've been through
You cannot degrade it
Tell me it isn't a big deal
Tell me I don't have to fight it
'Cause I will
It has changed me
Shattered my hope
at times
Shattered my smile
Glazed over my eyes
Shortened my step
Lowered my eyes
Put my personality on the disguise
Hunched my shoulders
Left my words few
Cold, icy
Now I will be firey.

I fight for justice
My justice
My friend's justice
A stranger's justice.

I fill my head with music
I do not bow down
I go with the beat,
let it feed me
Heal me
Mesmerize me
I do not apologize for who I am
How I dance
I sing
I learn
I dress
I party
I live
I wish
I dream
I wish so hard
I'm passionate
I'm in the moment
I do not regret
I do not live to be a sheep
A ragdoll
Thrown around, commanded
Told who to be
Who to see
What to do.

You cannot make me feel small because
I am different than you
and your ideals
I am savage
I am human
I have the power to tear you apart
But I am thoughtful
I know what is best for me
I am a free spirit
I know more about love than you think
My bountiful fountains never run dry
You cannot make me feel insecure
bad or guilty
for showing my glittery, gorgeous,
true and inner self.

I know I am worth something
I can decide for myself
I can choose my interests
Paths of expression
I can be wild
I was born imaginative
I am sliding through water
Sprinting through fields
Sprawling on my comforter
I am sarcastic
Laughing hysterically
I am funny, bold and direct
I smell the flowers
I love the wind, rain, snow and sun
I grin at your unknowingness to who
I really am
Overlooking my finest moments

I am not perfect
I love it that way
I am grudging
I am not one thing
I am messy
I say too much sometimes
I love to oppose the norm
I am unusual
and no longer embaressed of it.

I am not weak
I will stand up to you
I am not mean
I am not empty
lifeless or boring
I am not like everyone else
I am difficult to figure out
But I am honest
I am not intimidating
I could be friends with any thing in this
whole wide universe
I am chill
I am rigid and tense when hurt
I love free hugs
I am scared
But, I am a metamorphasis
I am shedding my covering,
hiding skin
I am so alive and worth it.

You will be sorry to miss me
You will remember kissing me,
and I will too
I am sentimental
I am courageous
I have a huge heart
I always want to be the best I can
But I cannot please everyone
Treat me good
and I'll do it back
Don't, and I have no need to waste time.

I will assert myself
I am not a lost, little girl
I am riveting
layers and layers
I have accepted
All I must do is

I feel better
I am free
Unafraid, at last.

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