A girl named Catherine

August 25, 2011
Her limp arm was draped lifelessly over the bedpost, her cold painted fingertips were slightly curled towards her palm for warmth. Vibrant red hair was splashed across her young blemish splattered face as it moved up into a nest of uncertainty atop her head. Thick blankets covered her from the neck down, revealing only her face and arm. Trills of an undesirable siren called louder and louder, each yelp more boisterous then the next. She found herself swinging her loose limbs over the side of the bed, hanging for they did not yet reach the floor. Pointing her toes she touched down and blindly traveled with crusty eyes across her shag infested floor. The mirror reflected such a sight, that of pure repulsion. Her pink, scab covered skin was sensitive to the touch. Her eyes small and swollen were lost under the bags beneath her eyes. Her dry chapped lips pursed in the attempt that they'd somehow magically transform into coherent words.

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