That Day

March 6, 2008
By Meagan Sellers, Waxahachie, TX

Hello, You,
It’s Me, your friend.
Well, actually, I used to be your friend.
Do you remember that day?
It was the day you broke my heart.
I know I remember.

You were in that home-school play.
I remember that you had a cool costume.
I went to say “Hi” to you,
But you ignored me and did not respond.

I asked you, “What is going on?
Are you mad at me?”
You then turned to me and said,
“It is not you, it’s me.
I have gone down a different path,
And I do not want to talk to you anymore.”

I remember that day.
Don’t you?
At that point I fled out of the room.
I remember that I had cried Alice’s pool or tears.
My mother found me and I told her what happened.

She said to me,
“I am sure that God has just saved you from
Being involved with her family’s problem.”
I said, “I am sure you are right.”
And so I let it be.

But even now,
I can remember that moment clearly.
It is like a vivid dream that I cannot forget.
I hope that you turn to God for help.
God has helped me.
I shall never forget that day.

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