Facing the Ledge of Nowhere

August 21, 2011
By BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
BloodRoseLover96 SILVER, Michigan City, Indiana
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He is my love,

Yet I am his toy.

He likes me.

I love him.

What do I do about you?

You take my heart and run it through the wash.

As I sit in this tub,

I think of your words.

It is ok that I like you.

You like me too.

What does it mean?

I look at my wrist and pick up the razor.

I put down the razor and get dressed.

You are not worth it.

I collapse on the couch silently crying.

You knock on my door.

I wipe my eyes and open it.

You ask me what is wrong.

My eyes are swollen and red.

I smile big and give you a hug,

Letting years of uncried tears flow freely.

And finally telling you how I feel.

The author's comments:
Relationships are turbulent seas that we must navigate for ourselves. Some loose hope. I hope this poem empowers us all to stay strong.

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