Three Days

March 6, 2008
By Taryn Williamson, Colorado Springs, CO

The first day that I saw him
He passed me up without a glance
He wrote a sorry note to explain
Than slipped it in my hands
He wrote that he was angry
He explained he was very mad
To see him pass me by with no emotion
Made me cry, made me sad

The next day he completely ignored me
He acted as if I were dead
It felt as if he had stabbed my heart
Or shot me in the head
Every time we walked by one another
We tried desperately not to stare
But my heart was aching for him
And to think he wasn't there

The third day I nearly died
As I watched him talk to other girls
I went in the bathroom and cried
I used to be queen of his world
I made no eye contact and tried
To keep myself together
Without my boy it's safe to say
There will be some stormy weather

Can I get along with out him
Is it possible to move along
Well I don't know, but I'll try
I think that I can be strong
The last goodbye is hard
When you thought that it would never end
But nothing lasts forever
Especially not a boyfriend

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