Not There

March 6, 2008
I thought that you would be there at my birth,
but you weren't I've seen the videos your not in them. You weren't there.
I thought that you would be there. To my first day of schoolbut you weren't. you weren't there.
My first school play I thought you'd be there.
I thought you would come but you never did.
Ecen though your child got the lead part. You weren't there.
My high school orientationI though that you wold at least be there but no. You weren't there.
My first job you never even said you were proud when I got it. You weren't there.
Now you're old and dying. You say you need me to be there.
Why sould I come?You were never even there during the beginning of my life. You weren't there.
So why should I be there at the end of yours?

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