The Great Debate

March 6, 2008
By Chelsea Rawe, Clarkston, MI

Two men and a woman stand
Blue Suit, Black Suit, Dress
A Politician, A Believer, A Liar

Blue suit says—“God has led me to believe that…”
Black suit interrupts—“The Lord has enlightened me to believe…”
Dress shouts—“I know that God believes…”

Blue suit tells black suit “Lets discuss immigration”
Black Suit hollers “Lets build a wall all around our county…”
Dress interjects “We should let them all come here it the American Way…”

Blue suit says—“War is the sin of all. We should stop all…”
Black suit interrupts—“War is the only way to keep the world safe…”
Dress shouts—“Democracy needs to be safe to flourish…”

Blue suit says—“Gays marriage should be protected by law …”
Black suit interrupts—“The Lord has enlightened me to believe…”
Dress shouts—“American values inhibit gay rights…”

A Child wonders—“Does God Care?”
An old woman states—“Can the people be on your side? They can’t even agree!”
A Gay man asks—“Why are they against me?”
A straight man sighs—“How can we support gays?”
A soldier looks far into the future and whispers—“None of them understand”
A middle-aged man ponders—“How can we even know what to do?”
A Teen stammers—“I believe that we need more of this”
Another shouts—“We need just the opposite!”
Aged men wonder—“What should we do? How should I vote?”
A Doctor asks—“What is this nonsense?”
A child surges against his parents—“We need to elect a president who can…”
A parent replies in disgust—“How can you believe that?”
A legal immigrant states plainly—“We should build a wall”
An American rallies against it—“No walls against hope.”
Another pronounces—“I’ll run and make sense of it.”
Another denounces—“I’d never vote for you!”

Tireless Effort to
Make a wise choice, results in sleepless nights
Black Suit won, Blue Suit and Dress sulks
The country waits the people wonder
100 years will prove the people’s choice

Until then only speculation—as inaccurate as the Florida Vote

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