Angle Forces in my Heart

March 6, 2008
By Chelsea Rawe, Clarkston, MI

Angel forces shimmer-up my spine
I feel the coolness on my body, in my heart, on my mind

A shiver is induced by touching a cold door handle,
A shiver sneaks up on my mind like a bird on its prey
A shiver steals my heart and pulls me away

My hand trembles with a cold vibration
My mind tosses and turns with worry
My heart aches and cracks in its brittle coolness

My teeth chatter instantly
Wind rips through my coat of security
Snow pelts through my hair of closed-mindedness
My breath battles to exist in this world of truth
My life seems to slip moment by moment

Until I reach the warmth of a fire to warm
my pre-Madonna hands
Until I find the comfort of an excuse
for why life seems so unfair
Until I search and find who I am and
For what I stand

The warmth of a home
The warmth of a hug
The warmth of a mind at rest

Warmth of a mother’s heart or
The warm feeling of dog kisses on my hand
How wonderful warmth can be
Engulfing your whole body

Inside I begin to warm starting at the fingers
and traveling through my spine
to reach my heart, my soul, my mind

Warm, happy and soon sound asleep
Glad I have what I have
Sad to know another’s pain, but
Glad not to be the pained
Glad to have been cold but now be warm
The contrast makes it so much better
So much sweeter

Only angels know the power of their shivers
The exhaustion, the pain, the growth, the necessity

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