I Remember

March 6, 2008
By Heidi Bennett, Edmonds, WA

I remember
so long ago
you and I
were so close
best friends
I told you everything
You listened patiently
and gave me your perfect words
you spoke unfailing wisdom
I heard from you
I saw your works
I felt your love
I knew your voice
your sweet, sweet voice
After awhile
I became so used to you
I still loved you
but I didn't need you as much
I had it all figured out now
So I stepped away
went on with life
relied on myself
made my own decisions
I stopped listening
we grew further and further apart
I couldn't hear your voice
I didn't need your perfect words
or your unfailing wisdom
I missed you deep down
but I didn't want to admit it
My heart and ears were shut
When I hit the end of the road
I turned around
and looked back
I could barely see you
You were so far away
I couldn't even recall the sound of your voice
the touch of your healing hand
or the feeling your love gave me
You were miles away
Why are you so far away?
You don't talk to me anymore
Why can't I hear you?
Here I am
Standing here
Ready to listen
So talk
I can't hear you
You're too far away
Come closer
Stop moving away!
. . . but wait
It's me
I'm the one backing up
Not you
You've stayed in the same place
That same spot where we first met
When you stretched out your loving arms
and picked me up
I was all dirty
You cleaned me off
dressed me in white
kissed me on the cheek
and let me sit with you
You gave me new life
a new heart
I was all full again
You were my friend
when I had none
My only source of love
true love
That spot I found you in
It was real
It was unchanging
You are unchanging
You don't move
I was the one running away
not You
You stay in the same place
with your unfailing love
Always waiting
for me to come back to you
to get out of my own selfish thoughts
the ones that lie to me
and say I don't need you anymore
But I do
I cant live without you
Even though I run away
You are still there
waiting for me to run back to you
into your loving arms
You always dry my tears
and fill me with your peace
I will hold onto you
I won't leave
Keep me in your presence
Don't let me run away
Continue to teach me
Speak to me
. . . O, now i remember
I can hear it now!
That sound
that sweet, sweet sound
of your loving voice
It's so clear
so true
I can trust in you
in your perfect words
your unfailing wisdom
Because you love me
More than anything
You love me
With a love I have never known
I can't even comprehend
What it means to love
Like you love

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