I'm not just a card in your deck

March 6, 2008
You think you can read me like a book
Like you know what I'm gonna say
In your eyes
You don't care
but I can see right through you

You think you can play me like a game
I'm just a piece
And you can throw me away
when your turn is through
but I've figured you out

You think I'm just another card in your deck
to be passed around until someone says
go fish
and you do
you leave me incomplete in a deck of 51
but you know who I am

You treat me like a toy
breaking me
and glueing me back together again
but you know I'm no Humpty Dumpty

You treat me like a bad joke
telling me off at just the right times
laughing when you hear my name
but I'm sick of playing and I'm sick of kidding who we are

I'm not a game
so don't play me
I'm not a card
so shuffle me back in
I'm not a toy
I don't break that easily
you better get some glasses
because you cant read me as well as you thought
Im not a joke
because i'm not messing around any more

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