Plastic People

March 6, 2008
In a world full of plastic people

full of dying hearts

of each fatal ripple

is yet another notorious start

Jealousy developed

as my essence slips away

Another heartbreaker

kills another dying day.

Another death burns through

Another person lost in the crowd

Another fake hero

Another long lost faith continues to shroud

Mercy's gone

Sins are too great to forgive

Faith's out of reach

And we're dying as we live

Sinister charisma

placed in us all

Our blood turned to magma

as we watch each other fall

An unread prophesy

Bearing pain and sorrow

A new fulfilling agony

In the heartbreak burrow

Because in this world of plastic people

No one really cares

So we come to a fallen steeple

A time where life is beyond unfair

Where money's all that matters

Where pain never subsides

Where hearts continues to shatter

Where there's no one to confide

In a world of plastic people…

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