The Conqueror

August 18, 2011
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From Normandy he rides,
With all the time he bides,
A man will take the throne,
And he will claim it home.
A scandal does he meet,
The traitors with deceit,
The wrong man leads the nation,
A rebellion in every translation.
The knights to him are loyal,
So many years of toil,
The best of all their kind,
Few are left behind.
From Normandy they ride,
Much time the men do bide,
The sea is born of fear,
But land does lie so near.
On rocks and cliffs they land,
And army now does stand,
They march to meet the king,
To ‘fight the pretender’ they sing.
On the hill the traitor waits,
A contest deciding fates,
The raining lands at stake,
The future is soon to wake.
A clash of blood and glory,
But the start of this story,
Victory at hand,
The crown he does demand.
The Conqueror is here,
Through the land spreads fear,
With the raining lands taken,
Young Europa is shaken.
From Normandy they Ride,
His sons will lead with pride,
But a girl of age thirteen,
Her rise was unforseen.

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