August 18, 2011
How I fear that my candle will dim.
For the moment the flame extinguishes
Darkness signals anguish.
And now there is no light.
Frozen in fright.

All is lost within the fine line of wrong and right.

Falling forever in an endless abyss without sight.

Only a map with no direction; no sense.

The woods of the forgotten, forever dense.

Tainted temptation.

False elation.

Broken creation.

Tasteful exploration.

Guilty sensation.

The dainty petals on the rose of life.
Narrowly avoid the blade of a knife.
All perfection fades in the wake of strife.
The pool of emotions infinitely rife.

Loving someone I should'nt have feelings for.

Wanting so desperately what I can't have, to the very core.

Wishing to be with someone i'll never call mine.

Left only to marvel at the way her eyes shine.

The effortless beauty; endlessly divine.

Evermore sublime.

Until the end of time.

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