you had me transforming...

August 18, 2011
By jpoet BRONZE, Rowlett, Texas
jpoet BRONZE, Rowlett, Texas
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The anger in my hands and the knife in my heart; was it over feelings for others that tore us apart?
You had me transforming…
The pepper in my throat and the salt in my veins; Uh, just to see your name makes me go insane.
You had me transforming…
Can you see the look on my face and the mist in my eyes; everything you said were lies!
You had me transforming…
My tears now metamorphose into acid as you walk by and all I can ask is…was it I?
You had me transforming…
I hide my true feelings behind a smile; it’s my own design of a mask. Now my heart slowly reaps into iron as I see you laugh.
You had me transforming…
I thought I was finally over you, until you glided past me, but even now it’s my feelings I can’t undo.
You still have me transforming…

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