Be a good little robot....

August 18, 2011
By AriMurph09 SILVER, Bath, New York
AriMurph09 SILVER, Bath, New York
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Be a good little robot
And do as your told.
Then we'll fix you up right
And see that your sold.
To the highest bidder;
And for the right price
We'll give you a wedding
And throw you some rice.

We don’t have to be clever
We don’t have to be fair
Cause you don't have any feelings
They cannot be there.
A robot cant think
Nor act on their own
That wont get you no where
Wont get you a home.

They'll send you back fast
Without even a care
No thought if your banged up
Broken with no spare
Time for your health
Or maintenance, I mean
They don’t care about you
You are only a machine.

Conform to their image
Don’t step outta line
Don’t think to yourself
"They'll like me just fine. "
If you show the true you
Hidden deep in the mask
They'll think you abhorrent
So just stick to your task.

Obey every order
Make sure every whim
Gets your full attention,
Or soon you will swim
Down with the fishes
Down with the last
Rebellious leader
Who's idea they cast.

That their masters might know them
And see their true worth
As a stunning individual
Who'd given wide berth
To the airless society
Where no on can be
Their shinning self originals
Their one and only "Me's".

The author's comments:
This was a little something I wrote when my mother and I had a series of disagreements on who we thought I should be....

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