Legacy of Love

August 18, 2011
By AriMurph09 SILVER, Bath, New York
AriMurph09 SILVER, Bath, New York
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My heart stops beating.
My lungs stop breathing.
He tells me he doesn't love me.
But I can't stop this feeling,
My head is reeling.
God, why must it hurt?

I utter no word.
My cry goes unheard,
But my mind is a whirl of confusion.
I can't possibly go on.
It feels oh so wrong.
Why must it end this way?

I feel so alone
In my small, dismal room.
I don't want to be so empty.
My parents say bye,
I don’t ask them why.
Do they see the agony I’m in?

I can end it tonight.
I’ll give up this fight.
My parents won’t be here to stop me.
Such a simple plan,
With a cut above the hand.
Can I find a peaceful freedom?

Into the bathroom I flew.
My anticipation grew,
Like the waterfall drowning the tub.
Steam is rising, billowing out,
As I look for the tool of my salvation.
Oh where could father have put it?

I find it at last,
And sit by the glass
Watching as the tub fills fast.
Ripples race from my fingertips
As I wait impatiently for my time to draw near.
Why can't this stupid thing hurry?

I pace nervously,
Back and forth, back and forth
Quieting my racing thoughts.
I can't wait for it to be over,
And end it forever.
My "Screw you” to happily ever after?

The end is near.
I have no fear.
I'm ready to die for my love.
“No!” I cry.
“Not for Love,” I moan,
For Love abandoned me long ago.

He broke my heart,
Tore it apart,
And told me I wasn’t at fault.
That handsome young man,
On whose love I’d planned.
Did I chart out my own destruction?

He’d left me for another,
My love just a bother
To whom I had given my soul.
I gave him the power
To lock in a tower,
My mind, my passion, my love.

Finally it's done.
I slip silently in,
And hold my new "lover" high.
"How ironic," I sigh,
The light glints off the sharp blade
As it slides across my skin.

A numbness spreads.
Bliss it sends.
My heart beat slows.
Thump, bump…thump, bump…thump…bump
Another breath,
And then my death.

The wondrous legacy of Love.

The author's comments:
This is another English assignment, my teacher was a cynical, sarcastic and entertaining teacher and may have slightly influenced my writing as I was trying to be unique

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