For All You Lost Souls

March 6, 2008
For all you lost souls, there is always hope,
You just need to find the one true way.
A light that is there to help you to cope,
Protecting and leading you night and day.

Faith is a shield that cannot be broken,
Damage can always be wiped away.
When you believe, the gates will open,
Don't let anything lead you astray.

Just as a blind man can not see the light,
But knows that it always will fill the air,
We can't see God, who holds us so tight,
But we can feel Him, He's always there.

God gives you strength to face all temptation,
So many gifts He offers to you.
Courage, life, love, education...
Don't waste gifts of such value.

The church is His home, the world His creation,
What beauty He offers to share with you.
You're never alone, even in isolation,
He'll forgive you if you want Him to.

Death does not have to last forever.
True love will triumph in the fight.
Love will heal, but evil will sever.
You need to love God with all of your might.

The warmth of the sun will still hit your face
When life comes to an absolute end.
You're eyes will open, your heart will race,
And all of your wounds will begin to mend.

If you can answer to God's call,
You're eternal soul can be saved.
For some it is easy, while others may fall,
The path will not always be evenly paved.

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