Like Smoke in the Chimney

March 6, 2008
By Emma McGuigan, Pearland, TX

what really happens
behind closed doors
will there be a day
when her breath comes no more?

she lies
and does it
without really thinking
what they can do
and what they are meaning

knives across her wrist
seems to be the cure
doing things like this
make her feel secure

free only in sleep
to lead a perfect life
but whenever she awakes
she cries into the night

only one understood her
but he's in a better place
it was her beloved grandfather
with soft hands on her face

screaming out for help
but no-one ever looks up
she feels cold and alone
and feels like she's had enough

swiftly and freely
she cuts without a sound
and now she won't wake up
and she falls on to the ground

what she did
should have been said
for one could have told
and she wouldn't be dead

so here are her wishes
to go on to heaven
and see her grandfather
and stay there forever

she doesn't want you to cry
she wants to be happy
she couldn't be that here
but now she can be

no-one ever saw her tears
she didn't want their pity
and now for so many years
she was in an empty city

crying out for humanity
searching for a face
looking out for anyone
who will at least utter her name

what seems to be a perfect life
bottled up in glass
is hatred and loathing for herself
we knew she wouldn't last

with no-one around to give her a hand
and no-one was ever there
the blades were sliding down her wrist
and no-one seemed to care

what had happened locked up in the bathroom
is not mine to say
but blood all over that room
is shouting it out anyway

silent screams can be heard
for those demented by memory
calling out just like a bird
and black like the smoke in the chimney

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