A Snowball Fight

March 6, 2008
By Kyle Hicks, Harrisburg, PA

Battle One
When there’s snow on the ground,
There are snowball fights all around;
Over there are two forts,
Between them, a basketball court;
A boy comes charging at me,
I dodge, he runs into a tree;
There are ten boys in one fort, ten in another,
Snowballs flying everywhere, I thought to myself, “Oh brother”;
I figure, “Hey, what does it matter,”
“Either way my teeth will chatter;”
So I joined the fight making it eleven to ten,
Then I threw a snowball into the face of Jen;
The boys all cheered and clapped me on the back,
I said, “Watch out, the girls are on the attack!”
All the boys found cover and made a snowball,
The girls then started to jeer and catcall;
We jumped up in unison, red in the face,
Then charged them all back to their little base;
We cheered, we jumped, and we ran all around,
But then, out of nowhere, we heard a great sound;
The girls, they were back, and they had much greater aim,
I’m afraid I can’t write anymore, out of shame;
Let’s just say this, the girls had won,
But it isn’t over yet, the war isn’t done.

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