March 6, 2008
By Arianna Grant, West Des Moines, IA

when i first met you i was afraid to talk to you.
wheni first talked to you i was afraid to like you.
when i first liked you i was afraid nto let you hold me.
when you first held me i was afraid to love you.
when i first loved you i was afraid to lose you.
now that i lost you i miss you.
i cant figure out why.
you treated me so badly.
you lied, cheated and disrespected me.
you treated me so badly but yet i still miss you.
i try to not show that i miss you but im afraid people can tell.
when they talk about you i pretend i dont care.
even though inside i miss you with all my heart.
and i would do anything to get you back.
sometimes i sit an wonder if you really loved me or if it was just a phrase you said.
i wonder if while you were with other girls if you were thinking about me.
i still ownder if you loved me so much......
then why did you treat me the way you did.
i still wonder how i stayed with you after all the things you did to me.
how could you treat me that way after all the things i gave up and did for you.
all the love i gave to you
how could you only give me 50% of you.
when i gave you 100% of me
now that were over and done
i realize it was just because i loved you.
and now i realize i didnt realize any of these things because i was blinded by love.
but now that were over

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