A Shooting Dream

August 20, 2011
By StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
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I don't wish on shooting stars. I wish on stars that are super glued to the black blanket in the sky at night. The way i see it, is for a wish to come true it had to really be wanted and set in stone in advance, not wished on a downfall of a beautiful spur of the moment dropping of the sky. If what you want is truly meant to be, then somehow and somewhere between the big dipper and little, you'll manage to come across the right star. The one that’s waiting for someone like you to come along and place their entire heart on it, so it can shoot across the sky with full force of hope, love, and passion knowing that even when it lands and its no longer a bright, beautiful shining dot in the sky, it still finds comfort knowing that someone, somewhere now is a bright, beautiful, shining dot in the earth that’s filled with people who have long forgotten what it feels like to shine.

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