You Are Not My Friend, Because I Said So

March 6, 2008
By Lauren Olson, Hoffman Estates, IL

What do I want from you?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Why do I want absolutely and undeniably nothing from you?
Because I said so.
Because I said so, yesterday.
Yesterday, you were the meanest and conniving little person I ever met.
You didn’t care about my feelings.
You didn’t care that I had something to say to you,
That I wanted your opinion and support.
That you should have been there for me,
Instead of being pissed off at me for a little thing like changing my mind.
I let you into my mind,
I let you see what I was all about.
What I was worried about,
Why I was quiet,
Why I was deeply in thought,
Why I was happy for the first time in a long time.
And what did I get?
I got rejection from someone who I thought was a friend,
A close friend.
You are not a friend, whatsoever.
You are a drama queen,
And nothing more.
Drama queen?
Yup, you got it.
Someone who is there for the secrets about you.
Someone who pretends to be your friend just to point out the rumors are right.
The rumors that were spread about me from a brat,
A brat that had friends care about her,
A brat who didn’t know what was love, in a nonsexual way.
Who didn’t know the right way of loving.
She wouldn’t, now would she.
But you, you would know.
And yet, you were worse than her.
You were my friend,
But not anymore.
You will not hear anything from me,
What I am worried about,
What I am about,
Even when you ask.
Because you are not my friend,
I want nothing from you,
Because I said so.

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