Study Hall

March 6, 2008
I stand there silently still in the doorway
The familiar fragrance of you know who gentle and sweet
Drew me in from another room, yet I wonder was it intentional?

At first I am left undiscovered, standing in this threshold
I take advantage of the moment to admire the mistress before me
Careful to take notice of every detail

She sits there by the window
Her long golden hair flows through her fingers
As she gently twirls it in a teasing manner in which she is not yet aware of

It becomes obvious she is concentrating hard
From the way she nibbles and flicks her tongue at the tip of her eraser
Oddly enough, I think: Ticonderoga Dixon. Good choice.

And that was when her blue eyes looked up at me
They shown like diamonds or that of crystal clear oceans
The eyes, there was something about them,
Something I had never seen before in an others

Then, as i thought to be impossible, they became even brighter
As the rest of her face lit up
Complete with a smile all her own

Then I too felt a grin rise up on my own face
A haze came over me as we rushed into each others arms
I felt mesmerized by her touch

I never wanted to let her go
All of my worries and troubles seemed to all fade behind
And as I held her tight in my arms
I felt a sigh of relief come over me
just in knowing that she was all mine

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