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Come along!
Follow me
And stand in the right
Come along!
Follow me
And you will see the light

This is the way
That is tried and true
Come along!
Follow me
Would I lie to you?

The way it is
Is the way it was
And the way it will be
Come along!
Follow me
Don’t you want to see?

Do not wish for change
For nothing ever will
You are young and able – so-
Come along!
Follow me
To a life that’s stable

Come along!
Follow me
No more standing in the black
Over here, join the crowd
And do not turn your back

Come along!
Follow me
You are heading the wrong way
If you will not listen to me
Listen to the crowd
And what they have to say

Do you hear what they are saying?
They are saying I am right
And how warm and wonderful it is
To stand beneath the light
Come along!
Follow me
And escape the night

You are cold and lonely
Do not lie to me
Look at you standing alone
With just your little dream
Trade your dreams for friends
And leave it all behind
Come along!
Follow me
And get a new identity

Do not say you are not alone
I know that is not true
Join us and have support
Flowing all around you
You are weak as a mouse
Fighting is no good
Come along!
Follow me
Like you know you should

You will still be you
Just right instead of wrong
It is not price – but a gift
It’s time to change your life
Don’t be afraid, for this life is grand
Come along!
Follow me
I will hold your hand

Come and join us
Even better than the best
And with our power
We will stomp out all the rest
Come along!
Follow me
This is not a jest

Standing motionless – I see -
You still refuse to join me
Very well – you’ve made your choice
Just remember I’ve the louder voice
I am big
And you are small
Come along!
Follow me
Or be nothing - no one - at all

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