March 6, 2008
By Tabatha Pankey, Clarkston, MI

A twisted spin in fate
Whatever the ride no matter how hard
it's a way of life,
and it never becomes a bore.
We strap on our seatbelts and hold on to our fear,
this time around won't be so dear.

Rollercoaster ride
the wind, the speed,
the effort not to scream,
the seats the car, the hills,
and the sound of it roar.

Before the ride your someone your not
after the final hill,
the sound no longer scares you
and the thrill begins to loom.

Thrill should be everlasting,
easy-coming and undefined.
But why does it seem mine is so hard to find.
Without joy I return to the car,
walking slowly excepting more.
Suddenly I remember it's just a ride.

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