Betty Brame

March 6, 2008
By Chelsea Hemingsen, White Lake, MI

Auburn, Alabama
Helping around the Yard
Your voice was heard all around.
Even though your gone
the memories stick.
The big red pickup truck
we all loved so much.
I think of the south;
with acres of gardens
everywhere to explore.
Whiching to go back,
but i know i cannot.
When you talk people listened.
You were loud, unafraid, and specail-making you a perfect person
now i try to be like you.
Speak my mind, not to care.
Why did you go?
Leave me when i needed you
you could have stuck around.
The South
All memories that will never fade,
no matter how long
I will remember the one,
who taught me not to
be afraid
The one who was crazy-
but calm
I Love You
Grand Nan

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