Let's Take It Back to the Start

March 6, 2008
By Natalie Frendberg, Clarkston, MI

Let's take it back to the start.
Oh it seems like forever ago-
Let's go back to the beginning
When I was younger and naïve,
Before everything fell apart.
Let's go back to lying in the snow,
To staring up at the star filled sky,
When we felt so carefree:
Back to pillow fights, dancing,
Dizzy sticks, and movie nights-
To all those times I truly miss.
Do you remember those days;
Those late nights on the phone;
Those days under the sun;
When we didn’t have to try to have fun?
Let's forget all of the pain;
Just hide it away for a now.
Let's start everything over again,
And give this another chance.
Let’s take it back to the start.

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