Attention Deficit Disorder

March 6, 2008
Unmotivated, lazy, lethargic, and dumb.

These words plague my life like no money to a bum.
Step into my room; you’ll see my philosophy on life.
Clothes scattered, trash all around, shows my parent’s strife.
Nothing dusted, nothing cleaned, strange odors in the air,
food lay molding, no floor in sight, it’s really hard to bear.
I know I need to stop procrastinating, I’ll do it soon enough.
My parents say they can’t take it, they’ve really had it tough.
Claustrophobic shouldn’t come in, they’d faint and hit the ground.
No room to move, plenty of hazards, Department of Health tried to shut me down.
Doctor’s diagnosis, ADD, medication recommended, it probably wont help at all.
Staring at my bedroom, in my hand lay one magic pill of Adderol.
38 minutes pass…………………….
Bang! I go off like a gun, rapidly cleaning all in sight.
Polish, fold, scrub, and shine. Hey! I never knew my desk was originally white.
Throw away, give away, save and keep.
Memories of childhood piled in a heap.
The sight of me cleaning brings my mother to tears,
I vacuum and deodorize, a finished project nears.
My parents proud, my room sterile, Wow! Isn’t this great?
With this medicine anything is possible, it’s never too late!
I finish up and begin to come down from the high,
But on this pill, I’m not myself, so isn’t my success a lie?

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