The Airport

March 6, 2008
By Miranda Morgan, Clarkston, MI

The people crowd the airport. Since there are so many people, you don't know what to do. So you just let yourself go and get lost in the crowd.

The crowd shifts forward, slides to the right, goes to a standstill and rushes forward as one big faceless blob, I look around at all the expressionless faces.

Without any control of myself, like I am sucked into a vortex, I cannot turn away and leave the group. We corral forward without any thought of stopping.

A man to my left grabs my arm tugs, yanks, pulls and pleads for us to break away from the group, I turn to him and claw at his hand screeching. Screeching.

After the random lash out I feel a surge of happiness and satisfaction inside me. We march on, crazy grins, leaving no man behind.

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