Promote Truth For Life

March 6, 2008
By Samantha Seasword, Waterford, MI

Behind closed doors of society no one knows, everyone's different behind closed doors; things happen that shouldnt be known, everyday people dress themselves up for trick or treating for decieving comments; not candy. Compliments verses comments are just as sweet to the mind as sugar is to the tongue. Your blood pumps faster and faster, no matter what, substitute sugar decieving the heart. No ones real; all fake. Behind closed doors we all put on our costumes to embrace society's wrath and change into a more luring skin. We will never know the truth; we weill never feel what should be felt. In our sour disguises what we feel is truth is bitter sweet to the tongue as it rolls off and cannonballs into our hearts. I do not want to live two lives, I have worked hard on tearing down that wall, it is your choice to pull back my curtain of lies and see I have one mind, one life, one soul and heart. I will not live like you and have two lives clashing against each other. My life is not a bill for congress to skim over and approve or reject. I will not let lies lead to my demise. You and I have eyes, do not fall slave of this corruption. If there should be corruption let it be publicly known. Leave the world mind blown. Feel no shame, spread no blame. Embrace my faults and accept them, I will accept yours. Prevent chaos; promote truth. That is the only campaign I will be running in for life.

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