March 6, 2008
When will the fighting end?
It started with Cain and Abel and it will end with one person standing.
Feeling they have won but now they are all alone.
When will the bombs stop and the threats cease?
Sparked by a video game, leading into an all consuming fire,
There will be one left; exhausted from the victory of the game, but what is victory?
When will the world no longer have hunger?
Fathers will kill just to afford a meal for their family,
Only to find out the next day that they have killed their brother.
When will everyone be able to see past religion and skin color?
They are meant to be things that make us unique,
But the world sees them as barriers--not gifts.
When will people stand up for what they believe in?
You don't have to be Martin Luther King,
But you can be the one to stand up and demand a change, just as he did.
When will I be able to help with these problems?
It shouldn’t matter that I am still in high school: the sooner I start the better.
As soon as I uncover my true voice I will ask the question: how?

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