A Job Well Done

March 6, 2008
The hushed rogue protects the river,
its not the river he guards,
but a secret.
Quiet and shadowed he's a lone assassin.
His life is destined with one goal:
nobody nears the river

The bars slam shut on one mans life.
Freedom is gone, the crime is done.
Sitting in this hell they call a cell.
A glint of light attracts his attention;
while he sits in reminiscence.
After further pondering,
he has found escape.
No longer is it too late
to control his fate.

The rogue now waits knowing his fate.
He sees the prisoner,
now making his fatal mistake.
As the freed man slows now feeling safe,
the silent rogue swiftly attacks...

The river is more than running water.
Its meaning is much deeper.
It's like the heart,
delicate and protected heavily.
What is the river you ask?
That's for you to find out,
and the rogue to protect.

The rogue does his job well.

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