August 14, 2011
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Why are you so afraid?
Afraid to breathe
Searching for a reality
Cause no where is real
Not without me

You knew, you knew
The world wouldn’t let me
I took this oath
To care of myself
To take care of us both

Now we’re up against this wall
You’re gorgeous and
Could have traded me
Could have had it all

Now we’re so scared
Tell me, please
Where we go from here
Cause I don’t wanna go anywhere
Not without you, dear

Fear has you
Wrapped around her finger
Keeps you far away from me
Closes my eyes in hope
That I won’t see, the person you really are

Inside, you feel so alone
But I guess, I do too
Whispering the air down your empty lungs
as I lie here with you
Don’t give up now

This space, so confiding
I wanna take you with me
only if you promise to stay
And not speak the words
I just know you’re gonna say

Just wait, don’t leave
I can show you things
Things no one else can see
just be here with me

I’m not desperate for
just your breath on my cheeks
It’s so much more
Enough to drag me down
Down here is where I’ll wait for you

Don’t be afraid of loving me
It’s no where to be found
This thing you call reality

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