August 14, 2011
By Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
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Sit up, hold the stars in your lap
Young, and so very bold
Let’s do those things we did
When the ground was a perfect place to hold
my flaws and I

Months, too long for you
Days, left me distant and cold
Who is this?
and who is that?
I don’t know
I wish I could go back

You say hello
White cheeks, flawless
Washed in pink
I can’t stay very long
Cause this is who I am now
but I’ll return someday
back into your arms

These years have torn us apart,
It’s been so cold,
But I promise you,
til the day I die,
I will keep hold,
Could you just stand here,
Tell me you’ll wait?

I know I’ve changed,
But I beg desperately,
I’ll come home,
Though I have left you all alone,
Would you wait for me?
So strong to the world,
but in reality, complete opposite
Hide, I can’t hurt you here
I’ll drain the flood in your eyes,
My heart is no place to fear,
We are so different that I,
I can almost taste it

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