I Float

March 5, 2008
By sean momtahen, West Chester, PA

I float in the cavernous chambers of the one I loved.
her blood red flames trap me and flush me out at will,
circulate me through her veins,
then pull me back through her arteries.
I am at the mercy of this place
that I was once so affectionate with, fascinated by, devoted to.
We each exchange, roar, cry few words
but enough to extinguish the valor I had for our love.
Each of the four echoing cavities mesmerized me
giving me something to breathe, eat, sleep, fornicate for.
As she sat there and cried
She finally realized her golden youth was merely lies
Her simple utterances not only pierce my eardrums
they stab daggers into my back, my form of testimonial bleeding
but the adjectives, nouns and verbs forming sentences
of pure hate I spit in her face, sears her eyelids.
Her scorched flesh left a putrid, grotesque body in the bed
almost as disgusting as her heart,
the heart that used to be my fortress but now strangles me.
I left her struggling to gain consciousness,
in only her nail polish and broken down morals,
in the bed after I had my way over and over again
with her frail mind.

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