March 5, 2008
life comes at you fast
day after day after day
you get up and wonder
how you can rely on the past
what you can do to improve
the things you have done or said
you wish had never happened

life calls those things lessons
and you can learn from them
only you can control what happens
its your choice to change it or not
its up to you and not others
how your future will look
remember to choose wisely

life gives you chances now and then
you get a small amount but thats for 1 reason
that one reason is to teach you what you can do
what you can change that will help you at best
you know you need a lot but there are many things
many things in which you can learn from
those things will help you make your future

life give you friends each and every day
they are true and loyal till the end
some may not stay true but they try
they try not to show the trickery and deciete
most friends are there to be for you
and all the others care but don't show
your friends are who you make you who you are
stay true to real friends and they will stay true to you

life makes you who you are in every way
each day you live is a day in advancement
advancement in life and self seeking experience
every day you show your real self without knowing
without knowing whether or not your a bad person
at the end of everyday when you remember the day
the day you learned who the real person inside you is
each day is what you make it with every word and action

life is life and you only have one of them and no more
make it what it is and you will see whether or not
whether or not you made the right choices in actions and words
the choices and words that made a difference in the search
the search for finding the real you and the real me
but the real life for anyone and everyone in the world
to find friends, enemies, love, and choices you will most likely regret
but remember this you only have one life so live is to fullest

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