In The Days Of Sweet Sorrow

March 5, 2008
the sweet sorrow of missing you
has turned so bitter now,
without the touch of your fingertips
to set my skin on fire,
and make me wonder how far things could go.
in the tender way that you'd hold me
and kiss me with honey coated lips,
i linger on that night in the cold.
and its not as if you aren't there,
you just aren't here to hold.
you know the way i talk to you
with sadness in my tone
and the goodbyes we speak
are never true;
you're right back on the phone.
but those simple calls just cant suffice
and keep me going any longer.
i want my eyes to rest upon you
and keep you as if you're gold.
with your departure closing in,
taking you away from home,
there isn't much time left to pick up
from that last night in the cold,
and if we aren't quick
this story may never be told.

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