Mmm Love?

August 13, 2011
By Sarah143 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Sarah143 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Love is a word.
Love is a feeling.
Is there such thing as love?
Does love exists OR is it the power to life, to romance,or to yourself?
Do I love myself?
Can we all love and mean it?
What is love?
How does it work? How come every-time I "love" i get crushed
I get powerless, I get gray
Why is it that I try to fix myself up,and still seem ugly?
Pretty on the inside...ugly on the out.
I walk through the woods searching for the right one.
We are all to young to experience love whether your 80 or 5.
Why is it that when you put your heart to something, you get nothing with heart back?
Why do I cry over love?
Shouldn't I just be gone, away from this powerful and painful drug?
It breaks your heart, your soul,it crushes you feelings
It makes you cry over nothing OR was it something?
Love is a toy that we ALL play with and can't handle, for it's too strong for anyone.
I'm the girl that is gray, the ghost who gets no attention.
I grew from this ugly seed to this tall beautiful fall tree that everyone wants, but can't have because of LOVE!

The author's comments:
I just started thinking about love and how i used to be picked on until i grew out of my ''ugliness''

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