These Soft Petals

March 5, 2008
These soft petals of roses rain around me like fire
Burning deeply with passion and love and desire
Kissing my skin and caressing my soul
And I think of you dearest, who makes my life whole

Sweetly scented with a foreboding bite
Much like the ending of that good night
Whose eyes would slowly close and then
Never behold day’s light again

But rather would I accept these roses than turn them away
For they hold a meaning deeper than words can say
No matter the peril I face in their wake
Yours is a love I unconditionally take

These soft petals of roses that veil my midnight tresses
Are framing the form that your gentle hand caresses
My fingers trail lightly over these silky soft roses
Precious thoughts of you the only existence in focus

Your lips and your eyes and your hand holding mine
Never has life seen a love so divine
The light kisses you give and the embraces we share
The entire world could end and not a bit would I care

For as long as these roses will us not part
As long as you are the essence of my heart
No thing ever known be it body or spirit
Could convince me to leave you or cause me to fear it

These soft petals of roses are much more than a dream
Through my eyes is reflected our love’s brilliant gleam
And if be it a dream do not dare to wake me
Rather let the coldness of death seep in and take me

For most certainly death would be sweeter than this
To be torn from my lover and denied his sweet kiss
And if death should find me before the lips of my love
Let these soft petals of roses rain on me from above

And soon he’d be beside me stroking my brow
Whispering softly, “I am here now.”
Death we’d choose to remain always together
With these soft petals of roses raining on us forever

These soft petals of roses bloom around us like fire
Burning deeply with passion and love and desire
I’m kissing your skin, you’re caressing my soul
Here together dearest, our lives are made whole

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