Best Friend

March 5, 2008
Help clean the house before a huge party; bring the food and soda she forgot to pick up from the store; be willing to answer the phone at three o’ clock in the morning; be expecting to fix a heart broken into a million pieces; have enough information to blackmail her, but never do it; when buying jewelry for an important dance, help her figure out if it truly matches her dress, because otherwise she will be disappointed later; never be afraid to take food out of the fridge; is it true you’ve never talked behind her back?; always remember distance doesn’t truly separate friends; on the weekends try to be around and not get lost in the crowd; don’t ever talk behind her back; you mustn’t put guys before her, not even if you think he’s “The One,”; but I don’t talk behind her back at all, it will never happen; this is how to smile; this is how you tell secrets until five in the morning and are around without getting lost in the crowd.

This is how you write a letter; this is how you seal an envelope, place a stamp, and send it through the mail; this is how you dial a phone; this is how you leave a message when she doesn’t answer; this is how you use the computer to find a flight; this is how you pack your bags; this is how you arrive at the airport an hour early to board a plane and travel across the country to visit her at college; this is how you see her after an entire year has passed, so you are still around and don’t get lost in the crowd.

This is how to wear an ugly dress; this is how you deal with an ugly up-do; this is how you walk down the aisle right before her as her maid of honor; this is how to be the first one outside of the family to arrive at the hospital to see her first-born child; this is how to buy an “It’s a girl” teddy and a jar full of roses; this is how to be the Godmother to her first born child, and don’t get lost in the crowd.

This is how to bring two families together; this is how your daughters became best friends; always come back together after time apart; but what if we fall out of touch?; you mean to say that after all we have been through, we wouldn’t stay best friends?

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