The Leaf Floats Alone

March 5, 2008
By Madeline Gotbaum, New York, NY

Wind pushes the lilypads
they glide softly on the surface of the water.
A breeze slides its way up and down through the leaves and branches of the surrounding trees.
The chirps and whistles of cicadas echo through the bushes that make up the outline of the pond.
A single leaf floats alone through the air.
It spirals down, whipping downwards until finally coming to rest on the cold face of the pond.
Ripples race away from the corners of the leaf.
A small bird sings and laughs as it proudly flies all around the pond, diving and twirling through the silent air.
The Birds song fills the once peaceful silence with a carefree tune that brings the sun out from behind the trees, illuminating the face of the pond.
The leaf still floats alone.

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